Saturday, October 6, 2012

Color and more color

Here are 38 of my bright colored hexies. See the background fabric. It was 50% off at the fabric store a while back and I think I have to make some choices. It will be a twin sized quilt.
Thought about toning it down with white to make the hexies square and then sashing with the black-orange and green fabric. Need to ponder this one for a while and see which I prefer. The pile in the back needs the black dot hexies sewn into place and then I am ready to decide. 
I made up my mind I needed to finish something and not start anything else. I have so many ideas and wants going through my head and yet I need to get something done.

The cold is setting in at night so it won't be to much longer I will be back inside all the time. Then things will get done. At least we don't have the snow like some other areas of the country. We went out and picked butternut squash yesterday and I have beets and potatoes to dig yet. Then the garden will be done for the year. We started to cut back flowers and plants in the flower beds. We have pine trees that are dumping needles like crazy so we are racking and placing the needles in the beds for mulch. Hey it is cheap just a little labor. Enjoy these Fall days. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Love all the color, but I think the hexies get lost on your background fabric. No 'fall' here in the AZ desert, but our evening have cooled down quite a bit and the mornings are glorious! Sometimes I miss the 4 seasons from living in upper Michigan, but then I think about not having to shovel snow and I it makes me happy I'm here :-)