Friday, October 26, 2012

The Jury is out

Not sure if I will live with this Cold! I get up in the night and hack and cough for about an hour and then can get a little more sleep to only do it again a couple hours later.

I have been trying to make a block or two each day to get something done and here is my progress.
Lots of cutting and pressing going on. Only about half way on the top quilt. This is taking a little longer to get done because of the applique. The double 9 patches are all done just finishing up the applique blocks. Then I have a question in my mind. I have a center circle to add to the applique blocks. The circle that was used with the pattern isn't very big and it shows it red. Not sure I like the size or the color.
I am going to make some circles in different sizes and colors and test the waters to see which I like best. I am considering making this with a black background or a dark brown background.
It is cold out today and yet it is suppose to be sunny. The high isn't getting real high like 41*F. I am ready to get rid of all the flies and the Box elder bugs. They swarm on the screen doors and then you open them to go in or out and they fly into the house. We live along the river and in the middle of the corn field that hasn't been picked yet and they are trying to find a warm place to be.

The trees are about done dropping their leaves and the garden has been put to bed for the Winter. I 'm ready for a change and yet ask me in January and I will be wanting to get back outside and get into the garden. My color fix will have to be the colors I use in my quilts. Chris 

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Exuberant Color said...

have you tried the Vicks Vaporub on the bottom of your feet covered by socks at night? They say you won't cough if you do this.

You are making lots of progress on your quilts.