Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Handyman got the door in place

There is a hole in my living room wall. The sliding glass door was out of the wall and this is the look from the inside.
The siding had to be pulled loose to get the old door out. Don't think that wasn't fun putting it all back. We had a neighbor come down and help get the heavy moving done. He called us the Hole in the Wall Gang.
As you can see from the back it looks funny. A guy we know drove by and asked us from the road what in the heck were we doing.
Jeff is getting the prep work done to get the other door put back in place. It needed a moisture barrier put under the sill and the edges. Then all the leveling that needed doing was not fun either. But it is all in place and closes right and the door seals really well.  
He wanted me to get a paper towel wet at one point and I turned in the living room and tripped over a rug and fell. I started for the floor before I knew what happened. My face was coming down towards the raised hearth we had and I was trying to move to keep from hitting it. Good things some big floor cushions were up against the hearth and it saved me major injuries. My pride was hurt more than this old body so I am sore from the fall but I am ok.
All is completed on the outside. All the caulking and the siding is all nailed back in place. Today the inside trim work and some insulation needs to be put in place. We eventually will take carpeting out in front of the door and in front of the fireplace and replace with tile. That is a Winter project. We are always finding things to do during the Winter months. The room is so much quieter and I am sure will be warmer with the French doors than the slider. So we worked for about 7 hours on this job, but we are happy with the outcome. Forgot to tell you the door was free. We spent only $16 so far for some siding channel and we need to change the locks and it is far better than what we had. Thanks to our neighbor. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

I love the look of French doors. It sounds like it was a huge project so I'm happy to hear you got it all done in one day, and for such little cost too. It will be nicer with tile in front of the door too.

Katie M. said...

big job, but oh it's so nice!!