Monday, October 15, 2012

Wet weekend

We had almost 3 inches of rain in about 32 hours. Nothing all Summer and then so much in one day. I finally went to Joann's that opened almost a month ago and when I left the water in the parking lot was over my ankles. I came home and got dried out and then I watched TV and did hand applique.
I finished all the blocks for this quilt and this is waiting for the applique blocks to get finished. I have made up my mind to get some finishes under my belt before I get to involved with anything new. We will see how long that lasts. LOL
I have been surfing the web and found several ideas that are interesting to me which I will put my own twist on. I like this time of year to look at old quilting magazines also. Inspiration is out there just have to find what interests you and your tastes.
I do look at the pattern and not the colors that are used.
So many times the same elements are used but in a different color combination. Expanding your mind to the colors you lean towards and visualize the difference. Or step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Get a new color pallet going for yourself. In going to the Joann's I saw many brighter colors and yet I still can see them in many traditional patterns.

I only bought a coat pattern for myself. I looked and thought I have so much fabric at home and I am not tempting myself with this and getting frustrated. I did see some drapery fabric I liked and thought about a slip cover for a recliner I have. That will be a major project if I do that.
I got a call from my son last night and we had loaned him and antique cabinet for his TV several years ago. Now he doesn't want it anymore. I guess I have the van so I have to drive to get it. Maybe in the next couple days when he is home I can take off and get it loaded. Have to move things around to put it back where it was. Then if I am going to do that It means cleaning that room really well. It needs it. Dust the walls down and shampoo the carpet. Sounds like Fall house cleaning to me. YUK!

I had to stop in the middle of sewing the other day and I am ashamed to say I hadn't cleaned my machine in a while. Well it was dry and needed a good cleaning and oiling. New needle was in order also. Back in working order and yet I am hand appliqueing. I am going to get it ready to make this coat.

Will let you know the progress here. Later. Chris

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Teresa said...

The applique is looking good! And I just love scrappy nine patches...of nine patches!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)