Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Being a Good Samaritan

No pictures of this today. Two days ago my neighbor called and she was in trouble. She has a trach and it had come out. She was ill with a cold and coughing horribly bad. I spent 2.5 hours with her in the emergency room at the local hospital. Well I am coughing now. I normally don't get sick and this maybe will be my undoing.

My husband can't handle getting sick so I have to stay away from him and wash and disinfect everything.

Today maybe will be a soup day and that way to keep everything going down the throat good. I was in hopes it was allergies, but I am still on the fence over that. We have had a huge amount of humidity and also warm weather. I can deal with allergies because eventually I know they go away. Cold and coughing are not something I like to have.

I have done some hand work and a few more blocks of the scrappy quilt I showed you the other day. Still sorting through fabric stash and getting it better organized. I still need to sort by color, but it if it is folded nicely and visible that was the first step. I need several more hours to complete the cleaning up process. Maybe a good thing to do while I am contagious.

With the holidays approaching at the rate they are I need to get better organized. I have to get into closets and find all the Christmas stuff and get it ready to put out. My heart isn't into all the decorating anymore. Kids are older and they don't even notice if I put anything out or not. I guess Grandma has lost her touch to make them notice.

When they were little they loved to look at the colored lights and all the pretty things, but it becomes dust collectors in my book now. I haven't like the holidays for years. To many family issues that went unresolved. I go through the motions and try to stay positive.

Hope none of you have this cold crap. It isn't fun. Chris  


Exuberant Color said...

Suck on some zinc lozenges and it will help knock it. I'm with you with the decorating. I finally just gave away 3/4 of it and put just a little out to look festive.

Catskill Quilter said...

Sorry about the cold - what a bummer! We moved to an apartment several years ago, and now we (hubby!) decorate the outside, and for the inside, all we do is a little shelf of beloved snowmen, a shelf with a collection of tiny trees, and the Christmas tree itself. We do the tree together, and spend a number of evenings if that is what it takes, and enjoy pulling out the ornaments and reminiscing about where and when they came to our collection. When my 3 children lived at home, or were in college, I decorated everything that did not move! Now the kids are truly scattered - one lives abroad with her husband and kids, one has in-laws in Asia and is likely to be gone, and one lives 1300 miles up the east coast...we had thought of cancelling the whole thing, but having the tree to brighten our spirits, and the outdoor decorations to brighten our (mostly elderly) neighborhood, seems to be the perfect compromise. I admit, we floundered for a few years before we came up with something that works for us! What a huge transition it is!