Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last of the color in my yard

This is the front tree. It took longer to get the color than the one in the back. The back tree is empty now and all the leaves are mowed up. This is so pretty and all my neighbors have commented on it recently. Hate to see the color go, but I know it won't be long before it is bare also. Yesterday the leaves were falling in buckets full.
We have some lovely yard ornaments as of this last week. I guess the electric company is going to change some under ground wiring and so all the yards close around me will be torn up starting tomorrow. We worked so hard on getting this yard to look nice and now it will be a mess and this late in the year it will be next Spring before it recovers.

Maybe some new flower beds will evolve from the redoing of the yard. Should go out and take detailed pictures so I know where everything is at under ground and I can then dig without troubles. Not to self do that today.

We knew almost were everything was because we were here when they installed all the wiring and gas lines.

Planning on making a decent meal today. I am tired of small meals and nothing tastes good. Still maybe won't today, but making and effort for my husband. Need to do dishes and then onto sewing today also. Have a Great Day. Chris

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