Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy but using up scraps

Still cutting and still sewing scraps. These two blocks will alternate throughout a quilt. It is just using up small pieces and trying to get rid of some of the overwhelming piles.
As you can see it is it is all different pieces. I think I might have enough of these color groupings to make two or three like this. Not sure my patience is that diligent. I really should be finishing some things. No quilts this year for Christmas.

My Granddaughter and I went through my starts but not finishes the other day and I have almost 13 in the works. Some just need to be sandwiched some need lots of work and some need backings.

We live on a tight budget and I buy when I find some extra money, but not until then. The next order of business is to get something sandwiched. The quilting on the one I want to get done will take sometime, but not forever.

My garment sewing is at a standstill until we get paid. Then it will progress. We still have a couple things to fix before we are shut in for the winter. Weatherstripping is about it. Three doors need the new sweeps on the bottom and two need some attention to the weatherstripping around the closed door.
Wednesday we are going to go and get all that.

A couple more flower beds need attention and then we are ready. Let the weather do what it is going to do.

Well her is a quote from Katie: "Scraps are like dust bunnies they multiply" So true. Chris

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