Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sewing and canning and freezing

No I am not cold. I have been freezing some vegetables for the freezer for this Winter. I bought some broccoli and  cauliflower reasonable and blanched then for the freezer. I have such food additive allergies I do all my own cooking and from scratch. Lots of work, but less sodium and no preservatives.

I have three main things I am working on. The EPP quilt and it is only the borders. Also a hexie bright quilt and then the applique and double nine patch. I think today I got the last of the hexie fabric cut and pieced together for the hexie blocks. I now need to trim and sew together the blocks. I have the border fabric for it already. The EPP quilt I am slowly making enough flowers in miniature for the borders. The hand applique, yes I had appliqued the blocks didn't like the machine stitching. I need a new machine I think. This one is a little outdated and I need something with a little more power. Oh well that will be another day.

My 6 year old grandson is coming to stay with us on Saturday. He doesn't come real often and not to much by himself.  I wish the other two were going to be here to play with him, but Grandpa and I will keep him busy. We have a new game console for the TV and I don't think he has ever played with this one before. Should be an interesting day.

I need to do some cleaning. I keep saying that and it doesn't get done. The health department will come soon and shut me down I am afraid. You surely can't eat off of my floors. I need to wash windows and get walls washed. But I will get to it before the holidays or maybe before then. See how much ambition I have. Chris

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