Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is your day going to be?

Well I am up early. Suppose to be a scorcher outside and we have lawns to mow and decking to be painted. Guess I will be outside for part of the day anyway.

We are waiting on a box to be delivered with a mower part in it. Hopefully it gets here. If not we can mow without the part it just won't be as even.

Tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 6:30am to have a procedure done for my husband. It will take 3 hours minimum from start to finish. Then a day of rest for the rest of the day.

I have a bunch of straightening to do. I got rid of several appliances that I haven't used for several years yesterday and I need to clean cupboards and see if there is anymore to be gotten rid of. I don't cook for large crowds anymore other than family and I don't need all this extra stuff sitting in the cupboard collecting dust.

I have one cupboard I would like to empty and just use for staple items for cooking like sugar and flour and things like that. I need to buy some more storage containers for food storage. I remember my Mom had old recycled lard cans for flour. It was a huge can and an air tight lid.
Can't find anything like that anymore. I can find containers, but not food grade plastic.

I mentioned the other day about buying extra flour, well I have decided the best thing to do with it to keep it fresh and no bugs is to freeze it. If I put it in smaller containers and place in the bottom of the freezer it will keep better than on the shelf and the potential for infestation is there. Not that I have had bugs here, but I don't want to chance it.

The day is coming that I am going to have to start cooking for my Mother. She isn't eating well. She does maybe once a week. But if I cook it for her and take it to her to finish baking or heat it up she does so much better at her meal choices. I need to get some smaller containers for freezing and also some baking dishes that are one serving sized. She doesn't like leftovers.

I have seen some canning jars that are glass, but they can be microwaved and not have any issues with chemical interaction with your food. You can get them wide mouthed so that the opening is easy to serve out of. The canning season is about over and maybe some will be marked down in price soon. My intentions are good we will see how this goes. So I am planning and trying to figure out what I need to prepare for in case the weather gets ugly this winter. Chris

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