Saturday, September 22, 2012

My efforts

Yesterday while sewing and it was raining outside I decided to make some beef vegetable soup. I used my canned tomatoes from my garden and my canned green beans. Frozen corn and frozen peas. carrots and celery and potatoes. The meat is browned 80-20 ground chuck and onions that are drained after cooking in a skillet. You can add beef bouillon to your tomatoes and I add about two quarts of water to the soup. 
I used as much as I had in vegetables, I was short on corn, but had enough to work. I cooked all of it together and then ladled into jars and sealed. I prepared my canner and placed the jars in the canner and processed for 75 minutes at 10# of pressure. They look really good to me.
The only thing I found with research you can not can with soups is anything with milk or cheese and needles in it. You can can the other ingredients for these soups and add that after you open it to reheat them. I plan on doing some chicken noodles with out the noodles and add them later. 
I think this will be a quick go to meal this winter when we are outside getting rid of all the snow YUK! Yes it is coming I am sure of that. Always does. Chris

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