Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Doesn't the title sound like Mr Roger's song. This is Maiden Hair Iris. It grows in clumps. The purple bulge on the leaves it the flower buds.
This is the mini hothouse out in front of the house uncovered. Bell peppers the colors like orange, yellow, white, red, and purple . There is flat leafed parsley and sage and fern dill in the box also.

The red Weigelia is starting to bloom.

Another clump of the Maiden Hair Iris

Cherry Tomato plants that are in bloom See the little yellow flowers

This is called white Coral belles. They have such a dark rich textures leaf. Beside it is the Perennial Bachelor buttons

Blue Spider Wort. It is a mass of leaves and these little pansy shaped pastel Blue flowers that are only open when the sun is out.

My prize Royal Purple Smoke Bush. It is really in full glory right now. The top of it was about the eves on the house and we gave it a drastic hair cut last fall, but it is doing well.

This is another view in the sun. Full of leaves. The smoke or flower part is starting to emerge. Will take pictures of it later as it develops.


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