Saturday, May 1, 2010

I did a lot of work yesterday

I got all the furniture moved out of the computer room and into the bedroom and then all the sewing stuff is piled in the sewing room. That will be another day. This is a rug that was given to us by a friend. She bought it and it was to large for her room, but she used it and didn't return it. So she gave it to me. I love chickens to decorate with and I had it in the computer room for quite awhile. I think the colors go well with the wallpaper so I will use it there for awhile.
This is why the change was made. We stored this bed in the shed for over a year. A neighbor had it and was going to get rid of it. It is an antique hospital bed from the hospital in the town I grew up in. Jeff painted it and made the platform deck for it. We brought it in and set it up in the room and I am going to get the mattress and the bedding on it today. I have a soft yellow fabric with blue pansies on it and I will get curtains made for the window. I am making a 30's print applique quilt and need to get it finished to use on the bed. Now if someone comes to stay we have an extra room for them. I flopped in the chair last night and didn't even want to make supper but did. Today the sewing room and I are going to get intimate and get it straightened out. Crank up the oldies music and start in for the day. We had a 1/2 inch of rain so no digging outside for awhile today, to muddy. I guess I can look at it this way two rooms spring cleaned all in one day. Chris

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