Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No sewing but yard work and painting

We have been trying to dig and separate and also get rid of weeds. This is a major job every years for me.
This is my garden shed. I painted the front of it and today did the two high sides. The wires are gone now to. They were to a satellite dish and we took it down. The plants I already planted in the flower box have died out so I will get something and get it planted for summer.
This is the North side of the shed. See the board at the base of the shed. We had to take plants out and place the 4X4 there. The rabbits were getting under the shed and having mega amounts of babies.
This is another birdhouse my Husband made several years ago. The base of it was rotting off so he made another one and I thought I would just set it in the flower bed for some color on that side. The Blue flower is the perennial Bachelor
Buttons. They reseed themselves and spred, but come up everyyear from the same plant.

A friend brought some yellow Asiatic Lillies for me today. I got them planted. We will see if they bloom this year.
Sometimes moving them this time of year compromises the blooms.
Sewing will have to come in the next couple days after he has his procedure done. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

it looks like you have done a lot of yard work. I like the birdhouse just sitting there in the flower bed.