Thursday, May 20, 2010

No pictures today

I got the garden planted then I mowed the yard. Last night my son called and he was working 6pm to 6am then going to work at 7:30am at his other job and he wanted me to come and clean his house and paint today. We started this painting months ago and because of weather and my husband's health we never finished. He has someone coming tonight and he wanted some of it finished. It is trim work so It should only take a coat of paint. The bedroom upstairs and the living room. He has drywallers coming in tomorrow to mud three rooms where he has replaced drywall and insulated. So 70 miles round trip and cleaning and painting while there. Oh yeah he said Mom the bathroom floor needs cleaning too. KIDS! So no sewing today. I showed my Mom the treasures I pulled out of the closet. They were her MIL's and she laughed about the soap box. She said she took that with her everywhere to do hand sewing while she was visiting and waiting. She never drove and sometimes had a couple hour wait for a ride. Sewing on the go. I do the same thing while I wait for things to get done. Chris

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