Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No sewing Yesterday

I spent the day outside in my small garden space. I borrowed a small rototiller and tilled the garden. There was a lot of grass so the top I tilled off now. I raked the space and need to go till again today. The deeper you can go with it the better. I got the painting done on the shed. Another job out of the way before it gets to hot. Then my husband decided to put landscaping timbers on the right hand side of the shed. It is more garden space to maintain. I think I am putting cucumbers and butternut squash in this are. Going to rain tomorrow night so have to get the planting done.

These are some of the 62 plants we raised in the house from seed. These are bell peppers and they are getting out of the house today. Tired of watering and moving them around. They will be in the ground sometime today.
Jeff has had that surgery so he hasn't been able to help much. Then the other day he bent over and his back went out. So he has been sitting in the chair watching me do all this work. I came in last night and took a bath and collapsed. My hands are swollen from the death grip I had on the tiller. Also I think I was clamping down on my teeth and jaw. I feed like I was chewing up walnuts with the shells on.
I was bouncing around so much I thought about the weight reducing machine that had the belt around your hips to jiggle the weight off of you. I got on the scale and no weight left my hips. LOL I am ready to go, but I am letting the neighbors wake up first. Another couple of hours and I will be out in the garden to get this job done.


Exuberant Color said...

It sounds like you have accomplished a lot of outside work this spring. Your shed looks so nice. I wouldn't even attempt running a rototiller. I would have a headache for sure from all of that vibratiion. I hope you get all of your plants in before the rain.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I am just sitting here in awe of all you got accomplished!

Arlette said...

Oh my, I admire your vigor. Woman, you are such a hard worker. I hope you are rewarded with an abundant crop for all your effort.
Sorry to hear about the hubster. Hope he is feeling better. You take care of yourself and don't overdo.