Friday, May 14, 2010

Got somethings done

I have been working in the extra room with the old hospital bed. I decided to make it up today and thought I don't have a quilt done for it. Then I remembered I had this quilt more like a comforter in the closet with two pillows for the back wall. It was made in the 1980's. So I got it out and made the bed for now. As you can see it has a ruffle at the edge of it. Something my Danish background would have liked. They didn't like to roll over and have your back showing so they used ruffles and extensions their bed clothes. The chest is an old ammunition box from WWII. We got it from his Dad's house and refinished it for a toy box, but it hides the toys so I stenciled the top to use it else where in the house.

This is blurry. Not a good picture taker I guess. But the room is usable in case we get company. Chris

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