Monday, May 10, 2010

Parts and pieces

Here is the latest handiwork. I needed a new purse. Can't afford the one I like. You know it was a knock off, but goes against my principle to pay to much. So I started to come up with ideas. I saw on another blog a purse that was colorful and decided I really didn't like tha materials and the flap wasn't to my liking. So I got some blank paper and a pair of scissors and started to cut. The details I have added are to make it look like a Spring purse. The band around the two lighter shapes is going to be the darker denim. Oh yes these are recycled jeans. The embroidery floss was some my Mom had left over. The buttons were leftovers from a sewing project. And of course the scraps I have been working with. I haven't decided on lining yet. Made this so far and my Mom said it was to fancy for her. So have to make a toned down type for her. Step DIL came and she wants one. Neighbor wants one.
I might be trying to find more flower patterns today and seeing what different designs I can come up with. A larger bag is wanted also with all the dodads on it. Kinda fun to do something different. Hope everyone had a Good Mother's Day I know I did. Chris

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Arlette said...

Chris, the details are just beautiful! I don't think that it's too colorful but we all have our own tastes, don't we. Gotta love a recycled project, but especially one that is as beautiful as yours. Can't wait to see it in it's completed state. I bet it's going to be stunning.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It's sounds like you did too.
It looks like you're going to be up to your neck in handbag making. Have fun!