Saturday, May 29, 2010

My duties in the yard

This is the finished product. This is the flower bed in front of my house. It took 16 1/2 bags of mulch of 2cu.ft per bag.
This is before the mulch was applied. I went to a cement factory that makes cement ornaments for the yard and they carry pavers and this edging. Suppose to have been $4.75 each and I for them for $2 each. The edge of the cement walkway was the edge before and when we would have hard rains it would flow off the house so hard the mulch was all over the yard and patio. This is to keep the bulk of the mulch in the bed.

I use to be able to use 13 bags in the bed, but because the bed is deeper now with the edging being 5inches high it took more bags of mulch and at 89*F with humidity at 79% I got rather warm. Had to wait until early the next morning to finish while this side of the house was in the shade.

This is the front and it faces the west. Lots of sun in the afternoon. We have a tree starting to grow, but it will be a couple more years before it does a lot of good. You can see the shadow on the left side of the house.

The bed looks so much better the edging gives it a finished look.

It is a washed aggregate edging. I bought 23 of them and they weigh about 15lbs a piece. My back was a little sore by the time I got it all finished.

Today, no yard work until after the sun goes down some. Then I will fertilize the garden. I went fabric shopping and bought the sashing for the star blocks my Grandmother made back in the 50's. I was the first cut for the day and I got as 25% discount for my purchase.
It is 90*F outside right now and it is 5:25pm central time here. Tomorrow suppose to be hotter. Might cut sashing and get these pressed and get the top assembled. I looked in my stash for backing fabric. Thought I had enough but it is about 2 yards to short. Maybe can piece a back for it to get the back on it and then into a hoop. I can work on it in the evening while in the air conditioning. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I would say you must have big muscles by now. You have been doing a lot of heavy work. It really looks nice.
I didn't turn the A/C on today but I will tomorrow.