Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Necessity the Mother of Invention

If you are a Modern Woman you know what this little tool is. It is a dusting handle for a throw away dusting product on the market today. I ran out of the covers for the tool and decided I need to be inventive. I went into the sewing room and all the scraps I have pulled out some polar fleece leftovers from a coat for my granddaughter. I thought this is soft and should pick up dust. So I designed well played with a couple pieces until I came up with a duster cover.

I made it so I can pull it on quickly and it can be washed and dried in the dryer.

I also found out it works better if I use a little Endust on it before using it. I let the Endust dry and then dust away. Surprising at how handy it is. I made a couple for my neighbor. She loved it. Also it is a green project. The polar fleece is made from recycled pop bottles and I am using the scraps for washable dusting covers. No more throwing away to be filling the landfills up. I think I will make a cover for the floor wet mop so I can dust the floor with the dry cover. I have a pattern to use the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn to knit a cover for scrubbing the floor that is washable also.
Off to the sewing room to make a ruler cover to use for the mini blinds also. Take a tube of fleece and slide over the ruler and slide between the slats to clean mini blinds. I guess I had better get to sewing. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

That is pretty nifty. I have one of those and only one cover left. I also have left over fleece.