Friday, May 7, 2010

Where have I been and what was I thinking

I have been in the yard, at the hospital and on the road for months. Not in the sewing room. This quilt is done but for the borders and this is the fun part. Doing the applique to put the finishing touches on it is the fun part. Guess I had better get it back out and try and get it done. This is the other thing that is almost done and a couple days of working hard would finish it. Today isn't the day, have to go to Clinton, Ia and pick up my Mom's sewing machine. It is about 40 miles to there and then lunch has to happen. Nothing opens up until 10 am and your day is half over with.
Jeff is better today. Yesterday after and outpatient procedure was a little iffffyyy. But up and doing today. Have laundry going and the rain has quit. The sun is out, but windy and cool. Better than 90*F and humidity up in the 89%. So I will take it and enjoy the ride to the Machine Shop. Chris

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