Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No pictures today

Today was my running day. I went to pay the house taxes. Went to the bank then to the gas station. On to Menard's and spent a bunch there. No quilting stuff. Then onto the Wally World not far from me. We spent a whole lot there and nothing to eat. Then went back this afternoon and bought 30 bags of Cypress mulch to put around my flowerbeds. The guy loaded it and I had to unload it. Now I have to move it around and put it down. I love my flowers, but why did I put out so many beds of them??? LOL I can't believe we are having July weather in the end of May. Hot and Humid. The green beans and cucumbers are up though. Planted just 6 days ago and they are through the ground already. Can't wait for cucumber salad and fresh green beans. We turned on the A/C the other day and haven't turned it off. Two days before we had the furnace running. The heat wears me out. Guess I am getting to old to be out doing all this running and lifting and gardening. Hope everyone had a great day. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

the heat wears me out too. I had the a/c running for 2 days but was gone most of today so I didn't turn it on. then it rained and went down to 73.