Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is Quilting?

The dictionary says quilting is an act of making lines of stitching to hold together fabrics that are layered. Sounds right don't you agree????? Quilting has many meanings in my book. It means stitching together layers as stated, but it means love, devotion, need and therapy all rolled into one. We quilt for our loved ones. We quilt for the devotion of the process and we quilt out of need for warmth. But the big one is we use quilting as a therapy to loose ourselves in the process. Whether it be to forget the surroundings, dream of the future or to give ourselves a pat on the back that I can do this. What every your needs are or your reason for quilting it is a powerful thing. A process that has so many possibilities, but it is the most nurturing of all the things a woman does. Yes we raise our families and love and nurture them, but this is a material thing that can be touched and keep giving loving memories and the warmth of heart and soul. When giving a quilt as a gift your spreading the love. When receiving a quilt you are the recipient of the love and you're in turn returning love. How more meaningful of process can this quilting thing be?? So teach the meaning to the young ones what quilting is and can be for them. Dream of the World wrapped in a quilt and keep the love ongoing for the process of quilting. I now I am going to keep my quilting love going.

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