Monday, May 3, 2010

Grandpa and Brody

Grandpa and his grandson. Brody will be 4 in July. Brody likes to tease and be teased just like Grandpa. Today we went to the Dr. and Grandpa has to go to the hospital for an out patient procedure on Thursday morning. We will probably only be there a couple hours and then some recovery time afterwards. Brody lives in Rockford Illinois and we see them about once a month.
He is at the age that a kiss he tries to wipe off and I tell him he is rubbing them in. He has a low deep laugh and he thinks Grandma is funny. Grandpa has to be a round to watch this one grow up. He is a laugh a minute. I will have to get some hand work to take with me while I wait for Jeff at the hospital. Chris

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