Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am here believe it or not

Nothing to report on, but I have been keeping up with two households and trying to do some hand sewing.
I am going to strip beds today and try and get three washed and remade between my house and the neighbors. All this extra stuff is wearing me out. Awful to get set in your ways and not be able to get everything done.

We want to get the smaller bathroom started and not sure why it hasn't happened, but it will get done soon I am sure.

I have been reading a lot online all your lovely blogs and your posts keep me wanting to get something done. I have had a hard time this Winter making myself sew. I guess we all get in a funk at times.

The weather is so cold out I think that doesn't help and gray days are a norm around here. At least it is staying light outside a little longer each day.

We bought garden vegetable seeds at the lumberyard the other day. That will be the next thing we will start. We start our own plants in the house for planting the garden when it is warm enough. Which reminds me I need to look online for a certain kind of pepper seeds not available everywhere. They are a red pepper seeds that is called Tennessee Cheddar peppers. They are red and pimento type pepper but really sweet. They are delicious in casserole dishes and over the moon in salads. I can clean one and just eat it fresh.

I am going for another cup of coffee and going to try and get something done. Almost have another row sewn together on my EPP quilt. Maybe today I can get some pictures of the three rows sewn together. Chris

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