Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yesterday was shopping day

I pay my bills and shop one day of the month. Only to have to go back and purchase milk or bread or something small the rest of the month. I wears me out to do this but then I don't have to go out when wet or cold or burning heat is upon us.

Today I need to do the neighbor's shopping. She has one more week of a non-walking cast hopefully and then my running days for her are over with. Her shopping list is a lot smaller than mine.

I would love to start a new quilt, but I am holding myself back until I finish something. It has been difficult, but I think I am going today for backing fabric for a pieced top I have. Need to measure to be sure how much I need and then off to look for backing.

I am having issues with my bobbin winder on my main machine. I think I wore it out. LOL So I am in the market for a Side Winder to get my bobbins wound. My bobbins are generic so nothing special needs to be purchased. Sad part about it is the 50% off coupon I have for Joann's can't be used on something like that. Oh well. The machine itself sews fine and I just need to have bobbins.

I have been making a shower curtain for my newly painted bathroom. Maybe I can get it done today also. Have to have a couple hours to sew to get it done.

I was reading a blog the other day about setting aside time to sew. Mind you this person owns a longarm business and a mail order business and has three small children.  Her name is Judi Madsen with If you get a chance to read her blog wear a bib for drool. She does such a beautiful job quilting and she has her act together in my estimation.

Budgeting your time isn't always easy especially if you want to be productive. At times it is easy for me and other times I just fall flat in the production process. I do need to find some time to get some things done before it is time to be outside again.

Speaking about outside we bought garden seeds and soon will be starting plants in the house again for the garden. Seems so cold out to think about gardening.

Well my day needs to get started and I need to be on the run for a couple hours. Hopefully I can find the time today to visit the sewing room. Hopefully everyone's day is productive. Chris

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