Friday, January 18, 2013

Painting cooking and skiing

My husband is starting on my bathroom and he is cussing all the while he is doing it. Patching the ceiling which was never sealed and it was a mess.
We had a bad winter and the snow blew into the exhaust fan and melted into the house several years ago. As you can see it left a stain and also left the texture on the ceiling peeling. He fixed all that and painted it to match the rest of the ceiling. 
I tried something different for supper. I sauteed a split chicken boneless and skinless in olive oil. I added carrots green pepper and onions. All in the same skillet.
I added this seasoning to the chicken as I turned it. Gave it a nice flavor.
After it was slightly browned and the veggies were tender I placed the chicken on a baking pie plate and added mozzarella cheese to both chicken pieces and then spooned the veggies over the top. I place it in the broiler of the toaster oven until the cheese melted.That is what we had for supper tonight, It was good and tastey and tender.
The boys from Rockford went skiing in Colorado this week. This was part of their Christmas gift from Dad.  
Sounds like they are having fun. I took the neighbor out of her house to get her hair done and get a cast on her foot changed today. She said she felt more human getting out of the house. Then the neighbor on the other side called and her vinyl siding on her garage was blowing off in the wind. No sewing Today. Chris

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Is that where the cabinnet use to be?