Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tip day

I woke up really early and all I could think about was tips. Then I went back to sleep so I am up again and I need to see if I can remember any of them.

Turn the frown on your face upside down and enjoy your day.

Make the most out of a bad situation and laugh as much as you can.

Take a pile of scraps and make a pile of quilt blocks. Waste not want not.

Can you see where this is going? I have been sitting on my duff and doing some sewing, but not much. I need to get back in the sewing room and get more done. My plan is to finish one of the tops I have sewn sitting around into a finished quilt by the end of February.

Painting is on going and I need a new shower curtain made. So today I think I am going to dust off the machine and see where it takes me. It is way to cold out to go out and be out shopping or going for a walk.
I think a corned beef will go in the oven later this afternoon and make a decent dinner and then we can have sandwiches out of the rest of it.

Have you looked at the calendar? This month is almost over with. Is it me or is the year going to fly by like last year did? At this rate I will never get anywhere with the sewing if I don't start.

Pickup a pile of scraps and have fun. Chris 

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Question....Would you ever want scraps given to you or are you overflowing with scraps and don't need more? I ask because my pink, blue and green scrap bins are overflowing. I get tempted to toss some, but then I feel guilty about the waste....You always come to mind when I look at my scraps. Now, if you have more than you could possible want or need, I will not be hurt if you don't want more. =) However, if you would like some, I would be more than thrilled to send some your way!

Stay warm!!!