Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scraps Scraps Scraps

Yes I am nuts and yes I am having fun. These are the same shapes and sizes as the POTC EPP's I have been working with. Some of the scraps I pick up are not enough to do much of anything else with so I am cutting pieces to make this totally scrap look. Figure do two at once right. LOL
Here is the progress for the 4th row of 6. Need to find some larger scraps to cut the number of shapes out of to make the blocks.  
Never got to Joann's for backing fabrics. Tomorrow we are to get freezing rain so that will not be a good travel day. I guess if it is put off another day I can get more done here. Still working on the details of the freshly painted bathroom. My days haven't been myself, but it is just a struggle some days to get my goals accomplished.

This next week is going to be hectic also. Well the end of the week specifically. My son has to have knee surgery and the neighbor has appointments. Then the normal everyday stuff like dishes, laundry, cleaning and meal cooking. LOL

When I signed up to be a girl many moons ago I didn't see the fine print of all this woman stuff as an adult. Did you notice it when you signed up??.... Chris

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