Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snowed some

Not a lot going on. Have a beef roast in the oven on 250*F and I am about ready to take a nap. Was up a lot last night.

I probably will be banded from emailing a fellow quilter. We have been going back and forth over quilting blogs and techniques. Valerie from has an interest in furthering her abilities in machine quilting and also looking into long arm machines. We have compared the work of several LA quilters and some of the methods they go through to mark and quilt these customer tops.

I don't have the LA machine, but I am interesting in learning more all the time because some of the skills can be used with domestic machine quilting.

If you get a chance check out her blog and see what she is doing.  Still hand piecing my EPP and still trying to get some scraps used up.

Been on the road to the hospital and doing my own thing also. We brought a refinished antique cabinet in the house and I need to get pictures taken to show you what Jeff has been working on the last three weeks.

Stay warm Chris

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