Sunday, January 13, 2013

Phew uploading pictures takes forever. Not use to this

I just spent two hours off and on trying to get this process done. Before Christmas I was embarrassed by the condition of my recliner. I had this piece of tapestry given to me so I make a cushion cover to cover the frayed edges on my recliner seat. We got it stapled to the base of the frame and it is in all one piece again. No it doesn't match, but blends. LOL
This is the next project. We are going to paint in this bathroom and we are using the color from the other bathroom. A Terra Cotta color so I need a new shower curtain and I went to my fabric and some that I can use to make a curtain with the vinyl liner.  
Here is the two prints I will use to make the new curtain. Not something I would use in a quilt, but it was given to me by my Mother. Good fabric, but not my type. It will work for a usable curtain. 
I have had a lot of time to sit and yet I am not getting anything done. Need to get up and be productive. We have had so many gray days and I am sure it has effected me.
This is the third row of 6 done but a few connecting sections. Maybe tonight while watching TV I can get it onto the other two rows that are sewn together.
I really have had trouble with uploading pictures. Wanda shared a posting from another blogger which helps, but I guess I get confused. This old head of mine doesn't like change when something works. Changes are hard at my age to digest.

I have to keep a copy of the instructions by my computer to refer to. Off to shovel a half inch of snow off the drive. Take care and stay warm. Chris

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