Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gray day

Started out two days ago with freezing rain. Then yesterday was 62*F and all melted. Today huge amount of rain. Rained all night and half this morning. Changed over to snow, Then the sun came out for about 20 minutes and all is melted. Now the wind is picking up and the temps are falling. More snow on the way this afternoon. Quite the weather day. During the freezing rain we had lightening and thunder also.

Starting with a catch in my throat. I have been away from the house several days lately and maybe a touch of something. The mold is in the air because of the super wet ground. So it may just be allergies.

Today I am staying in and hope to get somethings done. Did some laundry and got something out for supper. Will place that in the oven after while. Now I feel like a nap.

 I have done some more hand piecing with EPP's but not anything is going on real fast. In the next couple days things will change. My son has surgery on his knee on Friday and his kids need picking up for a visit. So Grandma will have them over night. Also the neighbor needs to get to the Dr. to have her cast hopefully taken off. Then I will be freed up some more. It has gone fairly well. She has gotten a lot of strength back and can do a lot for herself.

Trying to look at gardening magazines to get some ideas for veggies for our garden. I may make it larger this year with the price of groceries. A head of iceberg lettuce was $1.99 the other day. Can't do that at my house. Also gasoline went up 30 cents in one day here. What is up with that? Staying home and planning. Chris 

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