Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting sick again

I knew this would happen. I have run for everyone else and now I'm getting sick. It was before the holidays and I was sick for three weeks. Now the sore throat and the fatigue have hit. No temp so I am sure it is a virus.

At first thought it was allergies, but I think it is something else now.

Been sewing some on my handwork, but it doesn't interest me that much the way I feel.
I have been reading machine quilter's blogs for a long time and fascinated as to how they started  and the progress they have made. Some are longarm quilters and others do their work on domestic machines. The quality of their work and the talents all show is fascinating to me.

When I began to sew many moons ago kids my age didn't show an interest in sewing. Mine started out with potholders and doll clothes and onto garments for myself and sister. I would make tops and shorts in the summer time and pj's during the winter. I used a Singer Featherweight to make the clothes I needed for myself.

As I got braver I started with zippers and buttonholes and then in high school I made all my clothing and my sisters. That was the stepping off to start doing hemming and minor alterations. Quilting was done in my household but they were always tied quilts. My Mom would make crazy quilt squares and sew them into quilts for our beds. She used left over garment fabrics to make these squares. They were pieced onto a piece of sheeting. Then assembled and hand tied.

Many younger quilters today start out from craft sewing or learn to piece and sew at the same time. Many haven't ever sewn a seam other than to piece. Many of the over the top quilters are in their late 20's to 30's and do such a fantastic job and are so talented.

Several years ago I talked to a LQS owner and she said quilting was not a thriving business anymore. I thought then what is she doing wrong for it to be so slow for her. Because it hasn't stopped. Look at all the blogs and websites that give instructions and inspirations let alone offer patterns and links to good sites who offer fabric and kits for purchase. I think the quilting industry is just tipping the scale as to the potential for so many to make a living in it's glory.

If you have a dream and you have the know how and the drive to start a business and can dedicate your life to a challenge you should go for it. At  my age the dream is there, but the drive is to get done what I have started. Location isn't an issue anymore with the Internet. You can live in the middle of the woods and having a thriving business. 

Dream big and set goals. Failure doesn't have to be a word in your vocabulary. Chris ps. going for some juice.

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