Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday purchase

For my Birthday I received some money and I put it to good use. No fabric! I bought a Foodsaver for sealing my food for the freezer.

I had been buying freezer bags and it was quite pricey for them and then the food didn't last as long as I thought it would before the ice crystals formed. I know they come from air in the bags.

My neighbor has one of these and she uses it all the time to buy larger amounts of meat and veggies to freeze. Now they have more attachments you can get for them with Steamer bags and zipper bags, plus they have Mason Jar seals for dry foods.

We plant fresh vegetables and I want to make sure that they are the freshest they can be when I get them back out of the freezer.

I do not have any interest in Foodsaver other than a consumer.

I figure I can save on meat purchases buy buying when it is on sale and in bulk. Break it down into usable amounts for the two of us and always have good food in the freezer. I plan on making meals ahead for my Mother and freeze them so she can get them out and bake them or heat them up.

Have you got a Foodsaver in your house? Chris

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