Saturday, February 16, 2013


I finally got back in the mood. I have not wanted to sew on the machine for months. Don't know what the issue was, but I decided I have a couple of quilts to get done for gifts in May so I had better get going or I am going to be in trouble.
These have been pieced since before Thanksgiving of last year and I just sat on the project. Needed to find enough fabric for the backs of the place mats and in cleaning ran across the black solid I wanted for the project.

I machine quilted these this morning and then I got the threads all trimmed. Now I have 5 more to do in this group and 12 more to do in a different design. I have a small kitchen table so the smaller size will be used out there and the larger group will be used on the dining room table.

Since I am an eclectic person ands I decorate that way I decided scraps were the answer for this.
Today is cold and crisp out and I need to get into my Mother's. I have been sick and busy with the grand kids and the neighbor let alone everyday stuff. Grocery shopping for a few things is necessary also. Tonight NASCAR starts and I am sure I will be in the sewing room while it is on full blast in the living room.

I did get a TV in my sewing room now. I can watch DVD's on the computer and Network TV on the TV now so I am covered in my type of watching for awhile.

Going to dust out the machine and re oil and then I am going to get going and try and get something done today. Hope you all have a great day. Chris   

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