Sunday, February 10, 2013

Well I am here

I was going to do a picture laden post, but the batteries in my camera decided they were done for. I don't have anymore right now they went for remote controls for the grandkids. So you get a word only post until I get to the store and get a supply. I should get rechargeable ones, but I just don't.

It is rain like crazy and I have to take kids back to meet their Mother by noon. I am sure glad we didn't get all the snow they did on the east coast. Also they will get this rain we have and it will freeze. I do not wish bad for them. They have all had enough.

I got another row of the EPP done and now doing the connecting pieces so it can all be attached.

I was the grateful recipient of a box of scraps from Amy at She has been changing her sewing studio and needed to get rid of lots of leftover scraps. She offered them to me and I said yes. I love everything I got and I am sure overtime they will all get incorporated in the quilts I am currently and future quilts I will work on.

Thank you Amy for sharing your leftovers with me.
I will try and get some batteries today and get some pictures added next time. Chris 

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You are so very, very welcome! =)