Monday, February 18, 2013


Do we ever achieve it? I have struggled with the quality of sewing I have done as of late. Yet I don't get to the sewing room. I believe I am in a sewing funk.

I have looked through quilting magazines, looked on line for inspiration talked or emailed other quilters and bloggers and it seems like we all have CABIN FEVER. No temp just attitude or brain fog. Choose which ever one you want to descibe you condition.

Today is another gray day. Amy and Wanda can appreciate those days or not appreciate them because they live in my region. We have gray days and then no moisture. Not fair.

I am going to make and can some vegetable soup today and try and get some sewing done. I am just at a final stretch on the EPP piecing. I have 8 more blocks to make then assemble which can take forever just doing that. I really need to get fabric bought for the outside border. I would like to get started on the hand quilting before it gets to warm and I don't want it in my lap.

The two older grandkids graduate from 8th grade this year and I have quilts started and yet they are not finished. Time is slipping away from me. Going out to get the pot of soup on simmering. Wish you could smell the house in a couple hours from now. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I started a new project yesterday. I am reviewing a pattern for a friend and i have been putting it off.

The sun is shining here, but, oh, it's so windy! Brrrr.....