Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wish it looked like this

I know this is wishful thinking and it would be a waste of the time to try and get this season to be over with, but I am tired of being inside and tired of being sick.
I am beginning to think I have allergy issues this time around. The air is dry in the house even though we have a humidifier going non stop. My husband is so thin and he requires more heat to stay warm. And it is causing me discomfort.

We have a trip to the Dr. today for his yearly appointment and then tomorrow the neighbor goes to a Dr.'s appointment. I am the driver both appointments.

I tried dragging out a UFO yesterday and trying to decide how to make it happen. Well it is in the machine quilting stage of being finished a a large amount of it is done. I have to start finishing something or I am going to be overwhelmed with storage issues soon. I felt lousy so I laid it back down.

Today while doing laundry I think it will have to be made a priority to look at it again. I need to do some marking on parts of it to get the design to work. It is a quilt that is about 20 years old as far as the piecing. My Mother pieced it and it has been mailed across the country three times. So time to get finished.

I well I will take some pictures of it ion the next couple days and see what you think about it.

My son had his surgery and he is doing really well with the movement. He is in pain, but the type of surgery has that going on. 2-3 month recovery before he can get back to regular work and that will be a drain.

Have a great Tuesday and stay warm. Chris

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