Monday, February 25, 2013

Weather on the Way

Yippeee! we get weather again. Hopefully no outages this time. I woke up to a migraine and I knew what that meant. More changes in the weather.

Need to go to the store and get a couple things and then I can come home and stay inside for the rest of the time. I have enough salt in case we need it, but I need some staples for the house. TP is getting low and we can't be without that.

Not sure what I will fix for meals. I need lettuce and it has been so high priced lately, but the west coast states that raise it have had bad weather. Almost wish we had a climate controlled hot house to raise veggies all year long. That isn't going to happen so pay the price or go without.

One thing I really need to do is cleanup my computer. All the pictures I post I save to my computer and then as I need to move them to a jump drive or flash drive. I then can save the important ones and delete the so-so ones. I have a couple programs on the computer I don't use and need to eliminate them also.

I still have Windows XP and after seeing the changes with Windows 8 and the results of listen to my sister with all the problems she has I don't know if I want to upgrade or not. I have somewhat mastered the Windows XP and not sure if change  is good for this old lady. If it isn't broke don't change it. Maybe not the right thoughts on it.

I don't own a business to have all the new programs and I don't do much with creating programs because I don't know how. As my stepson says some people shouldn't have computers. I think he was talking about me. LOL I have to ask the 13 year old how to do things sometimes. She knows and can figure it out. Even Dad asks her to help him.

My plans for today are open ended, but I would like to find some machine time, but if it doesn't happen there is always tomorrow Right??? 

3-5 inches is expected in the next 36 hours and it will be wet and heavy because it will be warmer. Everyone take it easy and stay warm. Chris.    

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