Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well I think I might live

Got through the night and it wasn't fun rolling over in bed. Don't lay on that spot on your head. I tried to get up and every muscle and bone in my body screamed don't do this, but I couldn't lay there any longer. So I am up and trying to figure out what I can do today beside sit and relax hopefully.

My neighbor called after the phone and the electricity came back on and she needs to go to the store. She hasn't been out of the house on her own yet since her fall. I think I need some things so we will try to go today. She is going to drive and I am just a backup for her. She hasn't driven for 8 weeks. She can do it so we will get there and back and stay in the rest of the day.

Tomorrow they predict 5-8inches of snow. Good time to stay in and not be out in the crap. Armchair watching will be my plan of attack. Stay warm. Chris


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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Take care of yourself!! I am not surprised you are stiff and sore. Falling down will do that to you. =(