Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pictures and progress I guess

I mentioned the other day I was making the connecting pieces between the blocks on the EPP project. Here are the 6 small like 3/4 inch squares sewn together in the shape they need to be for the connecting sections.
They are all basted over a 3/4 inch square then stitched together to make the two over four sections.
Here is one for the more colorful blocks I stitched together in the last week or so. These are all scraps and it is making beautiful array of color.
This is my husband's project. He loves to do jigsaw puzzles. They neighbor bought this several years ago and attempted to make it herself twice and she couldn't get it together. She wants to glue it and make it into a picture. So it is 1500 pieces and they are tough to find the colors and the shapes to get this together. It was 8 days and about 70 hours of work but it was done last night. We called and left a message this morning, but haven't heard anything back yet.
Now to the box I received last week. This is from Amy and she sent her scraps to me. I am so please with the colors she has sent also. It was packed and I can't get them in the box now.
This is the bags she had in the box and now that they are out and air is in the bags they will never fit back. I need to get started on using this batch up.
This was a big bag of blue scraps. They range from light to dark and I can't wait to get started. I think I am improving everyday and today it is Dr. appointment for my husband. It is just his annual appointment. Have to go to get the meds.

Gray here today and we need to get some sunlight to feel human again. We have been looking over the seed catalogs and trying to decide how soon we need to get the seeds we have started to have plants for the garden. Hopefully all have a good day. Chris

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