Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We are a scrappy couple

Here is our progress. Jeff has been working jigsaw puzzles and I have been piecing. I know I have whined about being bored with this, but I am pushing forward to get it done. So close and I want to get the border fabric bought and get it in a more finished spot.

Weather is just outside our area right now and I plan on getting a roast out of the freezer to make for supper and staying in. The snow will stop sometime tomorrow so cleaning it off a couple times is probably in order.

I think we are going to make and freeze hash browns today. So many times I buy potatoes and they get mushy before I get them fixed so this time I am going to do a little prep and make it work for future meals. No waste in this house. At least we try not to anyway.

I have used several needles for hand sewing in the many years I have done sewing. I recently have been using needles that were in my pin cushion to  make this EPP quilt blocks. I am so disappointed in a few of them. They bend they dull and they get jagged edges on them. I need to get out my needle case and see if I can find some better needles today. I use to use a needle for ever years ago and they held up. Nothing is made like it use to be or I am pickier, Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Not pickier. Nothing is made like it used to be.

We have a light snow still happening here.