Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting bored

I am getting to the point that this is getting boring. I know it is almost over with and I am trying to stay focused to get them all done. There are 48 pieces per block this does not include the connecting pieces. Lots of cutting and lots of handling with basting and then stitching them together. I know I have more than enough scraps to get the rest of the 7 blocks completed, but do I have the stamina to stay with it???
As you can see the pieces are twists and turns to get them stitched together. Not for the faint at heart to start something like this. Many other things I have done work up faster than this one has. I have been sick or hurt through this whole process and I guess I need to move on but yet get this one done.
I plan on trying to pick up some of the machine piecing that needs to get finished in the next few days as we have bad weather coming in tomorrow. Today need to get to the store and pick up a couple things and then try to keep my wits about me to stay focused on getting something done in the house. Not out falling on the ramp and hitting my head again. I might have learned my lesson on this latest stunt I pulled. LOL Chris


Katie M. said...

I can relate - sometimes it feels like the same ole, same ole when you work so long on something. That's when I'll take a break from it and make something small. But there are also the times I will put it away for months before picking it up again - thank goodness it's not a race to the finish line - I'm sure I'd lose :-)

Exuberant Color said...

You could make the blocks into a smaller quilt than you originally planned. That one is so pretty and would nice folded across the foot of a bed or some other display.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The point where you are at with his quilt is when I make a small project like a zippered bag or something. Sometimes I need something new to look at. Go dig in your new scraps and make something for that over organizing granddaughter of yours. =)