Sunday, February 17, 2013


As many of you know the incandescent bulb is being phased out due to a bill introduced by Michelle Bachmann in Congress. B-U-T they can be a hazardous item to use.

To begin with they are full of Mercury so they have to be disposed of properly. Many recycling companies won't handle them so what do you do with them?
The other thing is my son the Fireman had one in his ceiling light in his bathroom and it was left on and he noticed the light flickering and checked it and it had caught on fire in the socket. They have the potential to catch fire easier because they are glued together and they over heat and cause the glue to loosen and make contact and cause fires. Most of those were sold at the big box stores and made overseas.

You are either on the bandwagon with using them everywhere or you really hate them. Many are hoarding the old fashioned bulbs for use in dimmer switched lights and appliances. Plus if you have outside lighting they do not work well in the cold. The heat can cause the glue to loosen in the summer also.

I don't normally complain about something like this, but they are expensive to buy and such a dangerous item to use. I am writing my congressman to complain and see if they can continue to carry the lights were are use to using. I am stepping down, but be careful. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I hate them, too...They don't last long either. Grrrrr