Monday, January 7, 2013

New storage in the bedroom

This is and antique cabinet that was set out for the garbage many many years ago. It was in an auto shop of the school where I worked.It had ten coats of paint on it and we stripped 20 years ago and we used it for a TV cabinet. We loaned it to my son and he sent it back. We stripped it again and added an antique mirror to the top and it is now a display and clothing armoire.  
It will now go where this one was in the master bedroom. This was only able to sit in two places in the room because it was so big. We have a four poster bed to match it and two night stands. We think we have it sold. 
This other cabinet can be used for quilts clothing or what ever we chose after we don't need it in the bedroom. It is smaller and we can arrange the room better now.   
Jeff has worked on the old cabinet for three weeks getting it stripped and redone. Glad it is in the house and we can not worry about trying move it in the snow which is almost all gone now.
Finally figured out how to add photos. We have been so busy with the neighbor I hadn't noticed blogger had change. Thanks Wanda for the help. Chris

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