Thursday, January 17, 2013

Issues in my head

As you can see I have thread. Not as much as others, but a noticeable amount.This isn't all of it I have some spools in boxes with hand work also. 

Issue: Are we snobs or are we practical? 
I have been reading other blogs which I admire all the work and effort others are placing in their craft, but can you make a choice for me? 
I have limited resources for purchasing threads and supplies in my area. I have limited funds and yet I know others that love their quilting also have similar problems. I still make the best of what I have. I don't own a longarm or a $6000 sewing machine not that it isn't in my dreams. I own four machines some old and some cheap.

I guess my issue is why run something into the ground just because you have the means to buy the newest and the most expensive items out there. I love the fact that others have the ability to buy the best. I am practical and my nature is to survive with the least amount spent. Maybe I am at fault. I was raised by a Mother who had gone through the depression as a child and she never wanted us to deal with the problems, but she used her common sense to provide decently for us.

I read a post by a blogger I do not follow and she was so negative about the type of thread others used. The negativity was aimed at the thread I use, Not at me directly. She complained about lint she complained about the lower cost played into the quality of it. It was beneath her abilities to use such inferior products.

I have also read articles by hand and machine quilters that promote using cotton threads with cotton fabrics. Then they use polyester battings to quilt with or use polyester threads to machine quilt with and hand quilt with. Do they really hear what they are saying? The polyester threads were "suppose to" break the threads of the cotton fabrics and create holes. So why use poly threads to quilt with and why use poly battings.
The fact the seams should be pressed to one side or opened which should it be?

I know there are not any "Quilt Police". Where has all this snobbery come from? Is it because we want to be perfect or is it because we want to out do the next person? I decided about a year ago I would never have a prized quilt if I didn't enter any competition so what I use in the process of making it would be for me to know and you to find out attitude.

If a quilt I make survives 100 years then let them analyze it and see what I used. I saw a saying the other day that said " Who will care in 10 years from now?"   How true will this be? Do you plan on making an heirloom piece then buy the best you can. If you plan on trying to use your stash and supplies before you die then use what you have.

Point made is use the best you can afford and be proud of your choices. Don't let a snobby review of a product keep you from using something. Make your own choices and be proud of your abilities to the best of your talents. I am stepping down now! LOL Chris ps. If you own a longarm I am so happy for you. If you own a $6000 machine I envy you. If you can buy expensive thread I am glad you have the mean to do it. I am not being judgemental, I just wish others wouldn't be. Chris


Katie M. said...

Oh, Chris, I love this post! I don't consider myself a snob... When I was working I bought an embroidery/sewing machine - it's great for embroidery but sucks at regular sewing $5K later I still kick myself! I do have a Tin Lizzy 18" machine on a frame - another 'when I was working' purchase. $8K for that one! Except for the space I have for quilting, I was happier with my simple Juki on a frame for $1200..... Those are/were my 'extreme' purchases. I don't buy LQS fabric. I can't afford it and didn't purchase it when I could. I have bought LQS fabric that, once washed, was garbage and I've bought Walmart fabric that was devine! I buy sheets for backing - some are 100% cotton, some not. If I want to use poly/cotton fabric in a quilt, I do! My goodness, look at all the different fabrics in the 'victorian' crazy quilts! Having an embroidery machine, I have lots of thread - I have cheap stuff and I have expensive stuff - Some of the cheaper stuff is better than the expensive stuff! And I use whatever thread I want, when I want... So, like you - I use what I have available and if someone really wants to tear it apart to see what it's made of - well I pity them!

Hettie Pringle said...

The wonders of getting older. Doing what pleases you and not giving a damn about what others think, say or do. Love it!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Look at the Gees Bend quilts. I am sure there was a time that people wouldn't give them a second look. Now they are displayed all over the world for propel to see. They were made with whatever was on hand and not much was sewn straight. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sew On!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I quilt for fun and I don't get hung up on what the "others" say. =) I am not out to win prizes, but to improve my skills with each quilt I make. Life is too short to get hung up on the little things. =)

Have a happy weekend, Chris.