Monday, January 21, 2013

My crazy husband and his thoughts

What a change a color can make. This is where it stand this morning. He did all the trim work two coats yesterday. It is a smaller bathroom than the other one, but it takes longer because no room to move.
My husband's birthday is today. The old man turns 63 today. He said he was done painting in the bathroom and was going to leave it this way. HAHAHA! NOT....
The rest is rolling the sections around the strips and the mirror. It shouldn't take him to long to do.

We woke to -19 windchill this morning and it is to drop the rest of the day. Thank goodness the kids don't have school today. We had a dusting of snow and the wind is picking it and swirling it around.
Did had sewing and got some laundry done yesterday. Plan on using the oven to keep the kitchen warm today. Stay warm Chris 

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Anonymous said...

Tell him im so sorry for not calling! I will make it up to him! Also love you both ! And Happy Birthday Grandpa ! Hope you had a sweet 63 ! Taylor