Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nothing on TV and nothing going on in the sewing room

I guess I am stuck in a rut. All reruns on the TV shows we normally watch. Next week they will start up again.
The weather has been decent for this time of year and we are to get half an inch of rain on thursday.
Maybe in the next couple days I can find my mood to get something done. I have run for a couple weeks now and I need some me time.
My next door neighbor just called and she lost her house keys. Good thing I have an extra one. She thinks she pulled her gloves out and the key fell out. I always place my house key on my car key ring.
Well my neighbor hood is not dull. I think I am going to go to bed shortly and watch Chicago Fire. I don't think I told you the fireman that came up with the story line for that program is from Chicago and is a very close friend of my son's. He calls me Ma when he sees me. He is writing show story lines already for next year. The temperament of some of the firemen is a copy of his temperament. He was in the second show of this season as a walk on.
Just thought I would check in. Chris

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