Thursday, November 6, 2014

Almost a hundred

No pictures today. I got up and started sewing and pressing. I ran out of thread on the spool finally. I got up and came out to relax from sitting at the machine for a couple hours.

I plan on using the hundred blocks for two projects. One is a quilt, but the other is for the kitchen. I need to keep some of it under raps because some will be Christmas gifts for Family members.

The Christmas gifts are small projects and not anything that takes months like a quilt to complete. Sometimes Kitchen quilts are important also.

Raining here and gray. Suppose to start getting colder. So I'm going to turn on the lights, find another spool of thread and get the 100 blocks complete. Then some pressing and cutting has to go on.

Still pondering the machine quilting of my Mother's quilts as to what we want to do. She has trouble making a decision and going forward with it, but that is her normal format for years. Chris

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