Monday, November 17, 2014

Still not sure of browser

I had used Internet Explorer for years. Issues happened awhile back when it updated. Tried to reinstall and not much better. So experimenting with a different browser. The jury is out. No sewing has happened. I'm burned out. Starting knitting since it got cold. should have been doing this all Summer to be ready, but I'm working on it now. Got a chevron scarf and a baby stocking cap made. Baby Kate's hats don't fit anymore. She is growing like a weed. Not sure this one will fit her either. I keep forgetting to measure her head when she is here. So much is going on and trying to keep up with Autumn and Kate is mind boggling some days.  

Found this yarn in my cleaning out the sewing room. I'm storing it so why not knit it up into something usable. I will get back to the sewing, but I just found out yesterday that I'm having Thanksgiving dinner. Wasn't planning on having a crowd. So cleaning and getting the house in order. 

We have the master bedroom all cleaned and part of the kitchen done. So today we will do some more cleaning and pitching out the mess that accumulates. I have one counter that gets dumped on. 

Windchill was below zero this morning.  This is really cold for this area. My car is still broke. Parts are to come in tomorrow. I do have to take my Mother to a Dr's appointment today, but not until this afternoon. Hope to stay warm and you have a great day. Chris

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