Monday, November 10, 2014

Excitement in the neighborhood

The neighbor had a tree growing and pushing against their house. Plus it had an electrical wire growing through the crook of the tree and brushing up against the bark in the wind. It was way above the house and dropping large branches onto the house to the point the insurance company was not going to insure them anymore. So the park owner had to cut the tree down. Had to wait until the leaves were off of it and today was the day. 

They had to get a crane in here to get the tree limbs over the electrical wire plus the sheer weight of them was to much to handle without the crane. They logged some of the pieces out of this tree because it is Maple. As you can see they laid them on the road and put them in the back of a dump truck to haul off. 

This is the only entrance in and out of the park. So they had to redirect the traffic in front of our house and through the grass to the frontage road. The top of the tree is all down and the crane is gone for now. The road is still closed because they have to finish the tree off at the base. The people who lived on either side had to be gone in case of an accident. Nothing has happened and the electricity was not lost. They were very professional. They have left for lunch I presume, but more needs doing so this next year more of the overgrown trees will be handled. 

Trees are pretty, but they can be dangerous also. Chris 

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